Robotic Concrete Printing

Studio RAP developed a 3d-printer for architectural concrete in collaboration with concrete manufacturer Bruil. The combination of custom hardware and software will enable a whole new range of possibilities for architects in terms of shape, colour and texture. Studio RAP and Bruil expect to start production on a large scale within two years.

For decades the influence of architects has been compromised. With 3d-printing we can create outspoken designs that can be realised cost-effectively. Two meter tall elements takes about 2,5 hours to complete using off the shelf industrial robots and a bespoke industrial extrusion system. We developed software that enables us to translate complex 3d-models to machine instructions.

Using different resolutions and orientations within one print not only speeds up the process but also allows the lines in the print to articulate the architectural shape. In the coming months we’ll research the astonishing amount of textures and patterns that can be made with this printing technique.

Status:        Work in Progress
Year:           2016
Partners:   Bruil