The Float

For a private client Studio RAP designed a floating home. With a rising housing shortage, floating houses offer a sustainable alternative to traditional housing.

Location Leiden, NL
Year 2021
Client Private
CLT contractor JM Concepts
CLT supplier KLH Austria 
Window frames Metaglas
Cork supplier Prosuber, Amorim
Contractor Private
Structural design Summum Engineering
Engineering Studio RAP
Status Completed

The house is constructed in CLT and cladded with a cork facade. We mainly used biobased materials, so the environmental impact of the project is
minimised, while enabling a healthy interior climate. The expressive construction of this floating house is designed in Cross-Laminated-Timber (CLT), a solid, timber and bio-based material. The jagged plates are prefabricated in a CNC factory and constructed on-site, using nothing but screws.
In close collaboration with the structural engineer, the construction was parametrically optimised. By adding origami-like folds to the roof and walls, we
were able to optimise force-flows throughout the construction, resulting in a reduced use of materials and resources.