Timber Truss Bridge

For a design competition for the municipality of Ulft, Studio RAP designed a bespoke timber bridge. The bridge connects the Speeltuinpad over the river De Oude IJssel with an arched freeform truss, creating a true experience when using or passing by this bridge. 

Location Ulft, NL
Client Municipality of Ulft
Contractor van Spijker bouw
Structural engineer Movares
Status Competition
The truss creates a transparent span subordinating itself to the beautiful landscape. The two ends of the bridge are differentiated to stand out, creating a clear and inviting articulation of the beginning and end of the bridge. 
The load bearing structure and its balustrade are made from timber beams. The balustrade is made as transparent as possible by adding a stainless steel mesh. The LED-lighting that's integrated into the balustrade design makes it safe to pass the bridge at night.

The Timber Truss Bridge is a very efficient way to make a large span using the least amount of material. The main shape of the truss is following the moment-curve which makes the material usage as efficient as possible. The complete span will be realised in timber beams with ventilated wood-wood connections, detailed in such a way it can be easily demounted.
The complete bridge consists of hundreds of unique beams that can be realised using robotic fabrication technology. In this way bespoke timber connections can be fabricated.