Dutch Floriade Pavilion:

Elegance inspires and amazes visitors of the Floriade 2022 with an optimistic and an innovative expo-experience. The design of the pavilion is a physical representation of this optimism, its refreshing and elegant appearance shows a broad scala of innovative yet realistic solutions for the challenges Dutch agriculture sector is facing. Elegance is an ode to nature, the design concept for the Dutch pavilion is inspired by the way nature creates its structures. Elegance is like nature, elegant in shape, efficient in structure.

Location Almere, NL
Year 2021
Client Floriade
Contractor cepezed bouwteam
Development cepezed projects
Structural engineer Arup
Architect / Engineering Studio RAP
Status Competition

Elegance is a rectangular expo-pavilion of 600m2. The building is made from one spectacular timber structure that attracts the attention of the visitor and invites them to come in. The expo-space is 6 metres in height, built up from two elegant columns that bear a sophisticated roof structure with a large oculus. The structure is built up from 800 unique digitally fabricated triangles.

Elegance will be realised according to a complete digital supply chain, is completely digitally designed and manufactured. Resulting in a pavilion that shows the unlimited possibilities of state-of-the-art technology of today and inspires all visitors of the Floriade Expo 2022.

The facade is composed out of glass and closed panels, these panels are materialised by several unique biobased materials. Some of these panels can be rotated, creating the main entrance, the entrance to the terrace and providing a sight line to plot 83 which also belongs to the exhibition. In this way the building itself becomes worth seeing while it also becomes part of the exhibition which can be experienced inside.