Gyroi is a full scale prototype of approximately 4x4x4m built as part of the 'robotic fabrication' research collaboration between Studio RAP and UNStudio’s Parameters Platform. This research was focused on the key advantages of robotic fabrication for expressive architectural design including minimising lead time, labour and costs and maximising material efficiency. The polystyrene prototype was exhibited at the 2016 Building Holland Fair at RAI Amsterdam from 22 to 24 March.

Location Amsterdam, NL
Year 2016
Client Building Holland
Partners UNStudio
Styrofoam supplier Unidek
Status Dismantled

The research collaboration included a design workshop at UNStudio in Amsterdam, design development sprints and a fabrication workshop in Rotterdam’s Innovation Dock. The first workshop was used to explore the possibilities and limitations of robotic hot wire cutting through the use of a hand-held hot wire cutting device. The highly sculptural geometries were used as inspiration for the development of component systems that were based on ruled surface geometry.
This limitation - ruled geometry - and the main advantages - little material waste and high fabrication speed - were used to inspire the mathematical design based on a gyroid: an infinitely connected triply periodic minimal surface. To fit fabrication and transport constraints, the shape was divided into similar, stackable elements. In this way the large installation could be fabricated with a minimal amount of waste and transported in a small van to be built up at the Amsterdam RAI.