Studio RAP collaborated with RNDR to develop a modular media facade system. A combination of robotic printed ceramics, OPENRNDR and cobogo blocks. RoBoGo is the first fully customizable 3D printed media facade that even adds value to your building during the day.︎︎︎

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Lighting RNDR
Status Ongoing

The media facades are built with elements that are attractive during the day and come to life when the sun sets. They can serve different purposes from re-energise a public space to advertising since there is a full customization level to it while showcasing modern 3D-printing technology with LED lighting design.

The modules allow you to create  endless designs combining elements to create patterns, letters or even pictures. MMF combines the architectural function of a facade or wall with the dynamic, communicative power of media facades. RoBoGo can be applied to a facade either an interior or public space turning it into a very versatile system.