RAW Tokyo

The RAW Tokyo pop-up restaurant created a first class culinary and sensorial experience by combining the finest cuisine from international chefs with the innovative, expressive interior design by Studio RAP.  In only five days, an old back alley 'snacku' (cafeteria) was transformed into a gastronomic hotspot for a unique ten day event.

Location Tokyo, Japan
Year 2017
Client RAW Almond Winnipeg
Partner Frontoffice Tokyo
Status Disassembled

RAW Almond Tokyo was a collaborative 10 day event showcasing contemporary food and design in an absolutely unique setting. 
Named one of the top 20 food destinations in Canada, the avant-garde RAW Almond pop up restaurant came to Tokyo from October 6 to 15 in 2017. The setting is intimate with only 20 seats per meal, and everyone eats together. The dinner is about going on a journey to push your senses and expectations on what a dinner experience can be.
The design enhances this exceptional cuisine by turning the small former snacku into an even smaller, dreamy, cloud-like space. The combination of theatre gauze and projectors allowed the restaurant dining space to glow, pulse and change over time. This international collaboration was organised by RAW Almond (Winnipeg, Canada) and hosted by Front Office Tokyo. It was made possible through the generous support of the Dutch Embassy in Tokyo.